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 About the HOA

Our homeowner association was formed by the original real estate developer. The developer had privileged voting rights in governing the association. The developer eventually turned over ownership of the association to the homeowners after selling off a certain number of lots. ​ This process also transferred financial and legal responsibility to the HOA board. 

Membership in the homeowner’s association by a residential buyer isn’t an option to decline. ​ The original developer has stepped away from their financial and legal responsibilities for our HOA and turned it over to us… the homeowners.  During the past couple of years, your HOA Board members have been working diligently to complete and maintain the development in order to make our community a beautiful place to live in.  It is recommended that as many homeowners as possible actively participate in the decision-making process going forward.  You can help out in many ways. You can help by paying your HOA dues, volunteering to be on the HOA board, or a committee. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the management company. Thank you

About HOA Board

​Your HOA Board is comprised of “volunteer” homeowners from your community. Some of the roles and responsibilities of the HOA Board include:​

  • Oversee the maintenance of the common areas of the community.

  • Obtain bids from contractors and make selections based on the needs of the development.

  • Conduct annual community meetings to communicate ideas and solicit feedback and ideas from the residents of the community.

  • Assist in developing the annual budget .

  • Expect homeowners to meet their financial obligations to the community by paying their HOA fees. 

  • Direct BC Communities to collect dues and communicate with the residents of the community via regular mail

  • Approves the proposals of architectural changes of the homeowners that are submitted to the property management company.

BC Communities Management Company’s responsibilities include:

  • Works for the HOA Board.

  • Receives the architectural proposals of the homeowners and submit them to the board for approval. then processes the approvals.

  • Responsible for paying the bills of services provided to the community, i.e., Delmarva Power electric bill and contractors hired by the board.

  • Collection of HOA fees and maintaining records of such.

  • Communicates with the residents of the community  via postal mailings.

  • Maintain transparency to the board and the community.


(302) 234-7710 ext 1105


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